project management

    • Client: PowerGen Renewable Energy
    • Country:Kenya and Tanzania
    • Type: Reporting
    • Funder: EEP (Energy and Environment Partnership)
    • Project: Solar minigrid development in Kenya and Tanzania
    • Client Overview: PowerGen is a leading renewable energy minigrid developer and operator in Africa, with over 50,000
      active customers across 4 operational markets.
    • Project overview: PowerGen developed, built, and operated a portfolio of solar PV hybrid minigrids in Kenya and Tanzania, both for its own portfolio and as an EPC service for
      other developers, connecting over 10,000 people to reliable, clean electricity.
    • Role: Grant reporting management
    • Services overview: Eleva managed PowerGen’s grant reporting and
      renegotiation for the project.
    • Services: -
      • Financial data collection and cleaning
      • Financial report preparation
      • Narrative report drafting and editing
      • Project milestone renegotiation
    • Status: Completed